let’s play a game called, “guess whose backyard mona’s body is going to be buried in?”

too soon but so true.

Ali is A but not Mona's killer


Well at least that’s the conclusion I’m drawing after several days of intense reflection. I might change my mind again in a bit.

The thing is, I don’t think Ali could be both A AND Mona’s killer. They’re trying to sell us both theories, so one of them must be a red herring. They made it way too…

Why (and how) Mona might not be dead after all


Not long ago I read this theory that Mona was getting ready to fake her own death. While it seems like she’s really dead right now, here’s why I think that’s not the case:

1. That wasn’t a panic attack
Remember 2 episodes ago where Mona fainted? She also had a band-aid on her arm (exactly…


Sorry it’s taken me so long to post but i’ve just bee in shock that the writers actually killed Mona off the show. I know that she’ll still be around in flashbacks, etc but it is still really sad considering she was coming around and helping the girls and trying to do right by Mike. Anywho, i’ll have some new posts up soon about this first half of season 5 and what i’ve deduced from it all. Feel free to send me any theories or anything you want to explore. 

Rosewood Driving

If one has to be 16 in PA to get a driver’s license, how was Emily Ali’s ride in the flashback of them in the locker room? I’m assuming that scene took place when the girls were in their freshmen year and they couldn’t have been older than 15, right?



Why did Spencer’s iconic red chair suddenly change?

The old one had so many memories :-(

Did she get a new one just for the storage box?

Did the props department just change it?

Is this a clue?

Or a continuity error?

I need an explanation so that i can feel comfortable with my over analyzing the show for clues!!

Good question