Rosewood Driving

If one has to be 16 in PA to get a driver’s license, how was Emily Ali’s ride in the flashback of them in the locker room? I’m assuming that scene took place when the girls were in their freshmen year and they couldn’t have been older than 15, right?



Why did Spencer’s iconic red chair suddenly change?

The old one had so many memories :-(

Did she get a new one just for the storage box?

Did the props department just change it?

Is this a clue?

Or a continuity error?

I need an explanation so that i can feel comfortable with my over analyzing the show for clues!!

Good question



I’m calling it now: Melissa started filming a confession video for Spencer at the end of the episode, and after filming it, she committed suicide. That would explain the police tape at Spencer’s house and would explain the major character’s death this season. 

I really hope not but it isn’t looking good. 

Is The Toby We Know a Lie?


Episode 4.21 gave us our first look into Ezra’s book. The book is based on the relationship between Alison and the four liars, but one of the things that stood out to me was the importance of one lie, and how that lie leads to others. From what we see of the book at the end of the episode, it…



If something seems too obvious on pretty little liars, it probably is.

Nothing is obvious on pretty little liars

I’m prepared for Malcolm to be -A